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    Silicon Wafer Reclaim Business

  Based on long time experience of Quarts Crystal assembly, KDK just introduced new reclaim process for 12-Inch Silicon Wafer
This New Process used plasma equipments, which KDK originally developed for High Frequency quartz process and it had been re-innovated for Silicon Wafer Process.
Silicon Wafer Reclaim process normally performed by chemical and mechanical lapping to remove surface layer, but KDK new process used plasma equipment to remove several layers by no damage and no chemical on the process.  Reclaim rotations rapidly increase compare standard  reclaim process.

This New Process offer New Environmental Approach for Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market.  

1) Lapped Wafer for Solar System
2) 12-inch Reclaimed Wafer

Quarts Lapping Lapped Wafer for Solar System 12-Inch Wafer  

If you interest of this process, please contact KDK.



Silicon Wafer Reclaim Technique

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