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Welcome to KYUSHU DENTSU CO., LTD. (KDK) Online Catalogue!!!
KDK is located 340 Fukushige Omura-City Nagasaki 856-0006 JAPAN. KDK has more than 40-years experience of Quarts Industry and KDK provides various type of devices all over the world. All products originally developed in Japan, and factory in China support competitive production which satisfy the Japanese Quality.
One of advantage of KDK is High Frequency Products which originally created in house allowed us to provide various type of high frequency oscillators and crystal. 

This Web Site posted  KDK Standard Products List and Specifications. 
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Please review our products line-up and if you have any questions, please contact KDK!!
KDK develop any device based on customer request, so feel free to contact us.

Custom made manufacture of Frequency Controlled Products

KDK High Frequencies
KDK Mesa Technology


  GO New High Precision Type OSC MTT/DTT/MTG/MTO-Typen (2016 -Jun)  
  GO New LVPECL/LVDS OSC AEM-Type (2015 -Jun)  
    GO New LVPECL/LVDS VCXO COP-type(2015 -Jun)  
    GO New 7x5mm Discreet TCXO NTO-851-type(2015 -Jan)  
    New Product Introduction (2014 -Feb)  
    49S-SMD Crystal Variation (2013 May-09)   
    High Frequency Fundamental Crystal (2013 Mar-1)  



   BIT SMD(2.0x1.6mm)  20MHz~200MHz   CAM SMD(7.0x5.0mm)  21.4MHz~70MHz  4Pole Type
  MAS-T SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  24MHz~90MHz T:0.35mm CAM SMD(7.0x5.0mm)  21.4MHz~70MHz  2Pole&4Pole
  MAS SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  12MHz~200MHz MAC SMD(7.5x5.0mm)  21.4MHz~70MHz  2Pole&4Pole
  SEG-T SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  16MHz~90MHz T:0.35mm TAC SMD(6.0x3.5mm)  21.4MHz~45MHz  2Pole&4Pole
SEG SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  10MHz~200MHz MF-55 10.7MHz~45MHz  2Pole & 4Pole & 6Pole & 8Pole
DOT SMD(5.0x3.2mm)  8.0MHz~200MHz MF-66 10.7MHz~45MHz  2Pole & 4Pole & 6Pole & 8Pole
TOP SMD(6.0x3.5mm)  8.0MHz~67MHz 49/U 10.7MHz~90MHz
MAX SMD(7.5x5.0mm)  50MHz~312MHz 49/T 10.7MHz~90MHz
LIM SMD(7.5x5.0mm)  6.0MHz~84MHz UM-1 10.7MHz~90MHz
LID SMD(11.8x5.5mm)  3.155MHz~70MHz UM-5 10.7MHz~90MHz
49U 49U Package 1.8MHz~225MHz
49/S3 49/S3 Package 3.2MHz~70MHz
43U 43U Package 10MHz~130MHz  SC-CUT
  TO5/8 TO-5 & 8 Package 10MHz~100MHz  SC-CUT          
  BIZ SMD(2.0x1.6mm)  1.8MHz~170MHz     COH SMD(2.0x1.6mm)  1.56MHz~170MHz
  MOG SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  1.8MHz~200MHz     COE SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  1.56MHz~170MHz
  MOT SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  1.8MHz~170MHz     COP SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  40MHz~250MHz 
  MEG SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  1.8MHz~170MHz     COB SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  1.0MHz~125MHz
  DUT SMD(5.0x3.2mm)  1.8MHz~170MHz     COL SMD(5.0x3.2mm)  1.0MHz~125MHz
  TAG SMD(6.0x3.5mm)  1.8MHz~170MHz     COT SMD(5.0x3.2mm)  1.0MHz~125MHz
  MIN SMD(7.5x5.0mm)  12kHz~170MHz        COC SMD(7.5x5.0mm)  50MHz~125MHz 
  MIT SMD(7.0x5.0mm)  1.0MHz~170MHz     COC-P SMD(7.5x5.0mm)  40MHz~250MHz 
  REM SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  40MHz~250MHz      CAL SMD(14x9.8mm)   50MHz~125MHz  
  AEM SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  40MHz~250MHz      SAS SMD(20.3x13.7mm)12MHz~800MHz
  TEM SMD(5.0x3.2mm) 50MHz~250MHz       SAT SMD(20.3x13.7mm)12MHz~800MHz
  CEM SMD(7.5x5.0mm) 25MHz~400MHz            
  SAS90 SMD(14x9.8mm)  52MHz~800MHz      NTO852 SMD(7.0x5.0mm)  30MHz~77.76MHz Low Noise type
            QAT SMD(7.0x5.0mm)  10MHz~52MHz 
            NTO SMD(11.4x9.6mm)  9.6MHz~77.76MHz Low Noise type
  MTO SMD(2.5x2.0mm)  10MHz~160MHz     SOC 14PIN  10MHz~40MHz
  MTG SMD(3.2x2.5mm)  10MHz~160MHz          
  DTT SMD(5.0x3.2mm)  10MHz~160MHz          
  MTT SMD(7.0x5.0mm)  10MHz~160MHz          
 : CMOS- Output Type Oscillator
 : Programmable Oscillator
 : LVDS/LVPECL Out out Type Oscillator.
 : AT-CUT fundamental crystal (Mesa-Crystal) version is available.
    KDK produce any frequencies by customer requirements, so above frequency range will be changeable. If you have any questions, please contact KDK Sales team.

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